Ok this is why I am running … APRA is a monopoly. I am not saying that this is a bad thing … i believe they do quite a good job but if you look at the make up of its board half of them are publishers. Approximately 88% of all songwriters are independent.
If you consider that half of the Board of the body that oversees huge decisions that affect the livelihoods of all songwriters really are only concerned with the interests of 12% of them, there seems to be a deep inequity. I don’t subscribe to the one man one vote idea. I believe that people who have worked really hard, been successful and are more involved in issues that affect their futures deserve some kind of increased influence but when, numerically, 88% of writers are independent they need a bigger say in decisions the Board makes that can positively or adversely affect their careers.
I understand that Board decisions should be confidential but I feel that better communications with members is essential and,as independents, we need someone we can talk to.
I am a songwriter first and an independent songwriter second. Should I be elected I will be representing the rights of all writers … we all face the same hard and uncertain future.

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